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Team building in India is cool. It’s not simple. It’s not boring. It’s not sequential. It’s for everyone. It’s unique. It’s fun.
It’s different. That’s


Team Building in India - Range

With over a 100 amazing team building activities, business simulations and conference energizers to choose from, you are always assured of an activity that can suit your requirement and budget. Perfectly.
Also helps to know that we’ve been awarded the “Best Corporate Team Building Activity” – both Gold & Silver, for Asia !


Professional Facilitators

Professional and skilled facilitators will deliver your teambuilding program at a level that is comparable to, if not better than the best in the world. Its also an advantage that we have tied up with the team building market leaders in 39 different countries. It keeps us on our toes and helps us get better. As we said, team building in India is as good if not better than anywhere else.


Countrywide Reach

We have offices in Bangalore, Delhi/Gurgaon, Mumbai and Goa. And soon in Hyderabad and Chennai too. But the team building activities we have designed, can be conducted for you anywhere in India and abroad too. We have conducted these programs from Srinagar to Kovalam, Australia to Spain, and from the Rann of Kutch to Kolkata too.



Team Building in India is fun, engaging, scalable to any audience size and packed with learning too


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Range of Activities

Lots to choose from, and this list is just the tip of the team building activity iceberg.

Some of the best business simulations in India for leadership and managerial groups. Learning outcomes in entrepreneurship, decision making, collaboration, customer focus, negotiation skills, change management, risk vs reward, compliance and much more


A cricket themed strategy based game to highlight risk vs reward, playing to strengths and adapting to change. Best suited for groups of 15-30, junior management to senior management

Need for Speed

Find out how you can improve team productivity while increasing quality and still adhering to strict timelines. Need for Speed is a simple and powerful business simulation and learning activity aimed at team leads, managers, leaders who wish to think out of the box and find solutions.

Trade Winds

Learn core skills of negotiation, building win-win relationships and long term strategy in this fun business simulation. More importantly, you will see why it is important and how best to use it.

Bean Around The World

Trade, negotiate and also adapt to change in this fast paced coffee trading activity. A highly impactful learning program that has been used by some of the world’s best companies as part of their learning curriculum.

A huge list of outdoor options for team building in India. What you see on the right is just a very small sample size of over 20 outdoor team building activities that we conduct at d’frens. From construction styled activities to building cars, jeeps and autos; or even some really cool amazing race and digital treasure hunts.

Walk The Talk

A great activity for team coordination, project management and loads of fun. Walk the Talk is your ideal outdoor team building activity for any group size. Build a 10 foot tall puppet and then learn to coordinate as a team when you attempt to control it.

Joint Venture 4X4

You’ve possibly seen soap box cars before. But its unlikely you’ve seen something like this – an 85% scale of a war jeep. Built by you and raced by you.

Formula 1/fun racing

Human pedalled high quality karts. You build them, create a body around it, test it, qualify for pole, identify the best team and then race for gold. Pitstops to change drivers. Bring your strategy to play in this amazing racing team building activity.

Two Tribes

Find your Olympic competitiveness in this wonderfully designed outdoor team building activity. Two tribes challenges your team to find their strengths and team spirit as they compete in world sports that will level the playing field.

Another huge list of indoor team building games and activities. Ranging from the collaborative Big Picture, the problem solving and outcome oriented Actuator, the Customer focused Bridging the Divide, an amazing mystery based quick fire CSI and an escape room styled Beat The Box. The list is just a sample of a much larger collection of options for your team building in India.

The Big Picture

Collaborative, inspiring and lots of fun. The Big Picture continues to be one the best selling indoor team building activities for corporates and its also the Gold winner of Corporate Team Building Activity of the Year, WOW awards, Asia.

Bridging the Divide

View both sides of the equation in this brilliant bridge building activity. You will be both customer / designer and the vendor in this indoor team building game. See how it transforms your perspective on time management, customer demands, transparent communication, to name a few.

Actuator - Rube Goldberg

Build a Rube Goldberg styled machine using various different props and with very clear objectives. Competitive and collaborative at the same time, the Actuator brings out the best in teams and team work, communication, role delegation and is a lot of fun for everyone.

Beat The Box

A great escape room styled activity that showcases and harnesses the power of collaboration. A highly intelligent activity with lots of codes and ciphers to crack but we have yet to get a group that wasn’t able to do this collaboratively. Recommended for any of your indoor conferences or meets.

Our most popular set of conference energizers and team building activities. While the drum circle remains the mainstay, we have activities like the Harmonica Symphony, Beatswork (Samba styled percussion), BoomTime (with coloured tubes) and Crescendo (with Violins) that are increasingly becoming popular with customers who have already experienced a Drum Circle before.

Drum Circle

The most popular conference energizer since we introduced India to the Drum Circle back in 2005. Group synergy, group harmony and perfect rhythm. Works for any group, any seating style and anytime of the day. The fact that we can weave in the right messaging, makes our drum circle the preferred choice of all corporates in India.

Harmonica Symphony

Fast gaining popularity, we’ve already conducted this activity for about 24,000 people since 2013. The best part, you really do learn to play and you get to take the branded harmonica too. A great energizer with a fantastic outcome, every time.


What do you teach a set of leaders who’ve possibly experienced it all? How about violins – the most difficult instrument to master? That’s the challenge – play in a symphony and perform within 60 minutes of possibly never having touched a violin ever before. Crescendo remains one of our activities with the highest overall feedback rating – year after year.


No instruments, no props. Just your voices. Acapella is the activity of choice when it comes to large groups and large audiences. From renditions of Daddy Cool to Jai Ho, we’ve done it all and your audience gets to be a part of this great team building exercise and sing different parts, including Beat Boxing. Yeah !

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