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The Challenge

While India has always been looked upon to deliver the highest quality of services and products at a global level, corporate India has yet veered towards the most simple team building activities and games for their own teams. Some of these have been conducted by emcees and trainers while at other times, it has been conducted by internal staff. The challenge has been to showcase what quality team building looks like and how it can impact your business.

The Solution

A global tie up to partner with like minded, team building market leaders from 31 countries has helped to bring the best team building activities from around the world to India. In addition to that, a singular focus on customer requirements and constantly seeking feedback has helped us to not just offer the best but deliver it at the highest level. Professionally trained facilitators. A wide array of product offerings that range from complex business simulations to fun team building games and activities. We believe that in addition to the above, our corporate outlook has also helped us to kickstart India’s transformation towards a more global approach to team building

team building activities india music violins singing harmonicas


Beyond just a team building challenge, our activities under music are  perfect examples of experiential motivation. The power of “together we can” is exemplified in these activities that are hugely rewarding, inspirational and uplifting. As leaders, you also see the value of coaching and practice to get your team to perform better than expectations – each time.

team building activities india innovative

Activities that are Innovative

Our range of activities under the innovation tab are some of our most popular. These activities and games will highlight creativity as well as project management, time management, attention to detail and problem solving. Your teams will enjoy the competitive nature of these activities while also appreciating a high sense of achievement motivation

team building activities India business simulations

Business Simulations

Business simulations provide the perfect approach to achieving your team building needs in the corporate world. Our set of business simulations have been home grown as well as gathered from around the world to provide you options in customer satisfaction, entrepreneurial skills, strategic planning, negotiation, assessing risks vs rewards and sound decision making.

team building activities in India outdoor racing

Outdoor team building activities

Send your teams outdoor to soak in the sun or just do a team building activity in the open. Our set of outdoor team building activities and games include the unique and ever popular Formula fun racing, raft building with just cardboard sheets or have a level playing field in our sports and games series – Two Tribes.

team building through music drum circles and drum jams

Drums and Rhythm

Since introducing India to the drum circle in 2005, it has already become the most popular conference engagement activity. It has spawned an industry unto itself but if you want the secret recipe, give us a shout. With almost 1000 drum circles to our name, we are possibly in line for a record and there’s a reason why customers choose us again and again for their team building needs and drum circles. While others have stayed stagnant, we’ve moved ahead with innovation and now boast the highest number of drum related team and group activities in India

team building activities india creativity painting big picture

Creative team building

When teams are willing to explore new, untested and innovative solutions to achieving goals, they are at their best. Our creative team building challenges help teams to find their voice. From brainstorming, planning, networking, working with other teams, time management, implementation and high achievement motivation.

team building activities india CSR

Team Building with CSR

This category of our team building activities includes challenges that allow you to demonstrate your values, reach out socially, choose philanthropic “give-back” charitable activities, have fun and engage in meaningful projects with your colleagues. Irrespective of whether you choose a collaborative style activity or a competitive one, you can be assured that with our set of CSR team building activities, everyone is always a winner!

team building activities india treasure hunts mysteries tablet hunt

Hunts & Mysteries

A treasure hunt is a great way to engage your team in a good team bonding or team building session. Apart from GoTeam – our tablet based hunt, we also have collaborator – an all time favorite and classic, the Amazing race – for the best possible treasure hunt experience in India and also some really cool mysteries, CSI style. QR code treasure hunts and paper trails are ever popular too.

team building activities india icebreakers energizers

Energizers and Icebreakers

A professionally conducted icebreaker can help infuse energy into your conference delegates and thereby make your subsequent sessions that much more lively and participative. Be it employee conventions, sales meets, dealer and vendor conferences, R&R programs or full day delegations; a well planned and strategically implemented energiser or icebreaker will make your event a bigger success.

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