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Business Simulations

Business Simulations, activities or games provide your teams the opportunity to really learn through a fun engagement. Primarily focused on building team skills and learning at the managerial and leadership levels, these set of team building activities are customized for the Indian Corporate and the true business situations they face on a regular basis.

The options

Our set of business simulations are tailored for the Indian corporate. From change management, entrepreneurial skills, customer satisfaction, strategic planning, negotiation, trade, weighing risks vs rewards, building on customer / vendor relationships and also collaborative team work. The business simulations we’ve showcased here range from indoor white water simulations, trading, to cricket manager games.

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Powerplay is possibly the best cricket team building activity available on the planet. A perfect simulation of the T20 league, exploring its strategy, risks, change management and above all the fun in actually playing the games on a table top

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Need for Speed

As a teambuilding activity, this rocks. But the best part is the learning that can be derived from it – from process improvement to time management, clarity of roles in the team, attention to detail and situational leadership

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Trade Winds

Though the activity is fun at its core, the learnings can be applied to a lot of present day business processes. Learning outcomes range from negotiating, open communication, building win-win relationships, planning for long term and more.

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Bean Around the World

This is an indoor live business simulation of the real world, with participants experiencing a day in the life of a coffee trading company. In this game, participants become entrepreneurs for a couple of hours, with all the responsibilities and thrills of negotiating and making instant decisions

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Essence of Excellence

Essence of excellence is a great team building activity and business simulation for any group of leaders looking to introspect. Its also the perfect activity to highlight emotional intelligence in leaders.

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River Runner

River Runner as a business simulation and team building activity provides for great learning. The business benefits of this activity will probably help you tick most of the points on your checklist of objectives to be met.  Ideal for customer satisfaction, entrepreneurial skills, weighing risks vs rewards and also just as a fun game. 


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