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The best team building negotiation activity

Without doubt, Trade Winds is the best fun based team building negotiation activity. Pirate themed and with twelve ships. Each ship has their own agenda. They have information to guide them, but they need to create win-win relationships in order to get what they want and possibly give away some too. As a negotiation and trading game, trade winds really scores.

For Everyone

Trade winds is not just for customer facing teams or groups looking for a team building negotiation activity. It’s also for teams that can appreciate the value of creating relationships. As the game progresses, your teams will realise that the best chance of winning lies in fostering the relationships rather than burning them for short term gains. This is also a tremendous learning activity.

Engages 30-150


Indoor with 12 Tables (Mandatory)


75 Minutes + Debrief

Team Building Negotiation at its best - Trade Winds

Can we conduct this for larger groups?
Definitely possible, but the learnings are best captured when restricted to groups of upto 150 people.
How does the activity work?
Each team represents a pirate ship. Their objective is to increase the value of their specific cargo over the course of the game. There are constraints and there are guidelines. But Arrrrggghhh, pirates just don’t seem to get it. By the time we reach the final stage of the activity though, your pirates would have overcome some of these biases and gone with instincts to negotiate towards win-win relationships.
Can we do this without the 12 tables?
Unfortunately, no. We definitely need 12 tables for the ships and 2 more tables for the facilitators. Its part of the ambience and there’s no point compromising on the overall experience.
How much time would you need?
We need about 15 minutes for set up – after all the 12 tables have been cleared. The activity runs for about 75 minutes and depending on how much of learning oriented debrief we wish to cover, we complete that and then wrap up.
Is this impactful or just fun?

Its fun AND impactful. Or possibly its impactful because it is fun.
Most team building negotiation activities are “gyan” oriented. Not us. We’d prefer to put you through a fun simulation, allow the experience to soak in and then correlate it. You’ll see the difference because what comes out in the debrief is based on what the teams just experienced – not theory, totally practical.

Team building negotiation activity trade winds dfrens India
Team building negotiation activity trade winds dfrens India
Team building negotiation activity trade winds dfrens India

Why trade winds?

Trade Winds is a high energy team building game of negotiation and trading where teams aim to win while maximizing the information they have been provided with.

Win-Win negotiations

Teams have to network and negotiate with other teams while using the information given to them to maximize their chances of winning.


In under 90 minutes, participants will be completely energized by the frenetic trading and dealing, due to which this activity is a perfect fit in your conference at almost anytime.

Fun team building

Participants receive fun pirate themed eye patches, hats, bandanas and more to get into the mood of the session. Whats more fun is that each team is a band of pirates returning to port with goods to trade.

Simulation with strong learning

This is an indoor team building game and also a fun business simulation of life at sea in the past. Though the activity is fun at its core, the learnings can be applied to a lot of present day business processes. Learning outcomes range from negotiating, open communication, building win-win relationships, planning for long term and more.

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