Collaboration activity in team building

Collaboration is pretty much the key to organisational success. Actuator is a Rube Goldberg styled collaboration activity that showcases competitive and collaborative facets. Just like any project team in your organization, actuator works towards allowing each team to complete its own section but needs to collaborate with others just to ensure completion. Ideal for practically every team in India’s corporate world.

Project management

Project management is an art and a science. There are no specific rules, just guidelines. Actuator showcases this perfectly. You know what your customer wants, you know what you are expected to do and you know your timelines. Now how do you get collaborative and ensure that the others in the chain also work towards a common goal? That’s why as a competition and collaboration activity, there are no equals to Actuator.

Engages 10-400

Competitive and Collaborative

Best done Indoor


90-180 mins, depending on outcome

Collaboration activity for Project Management teams

What are the takeaways?
Lots of takeaways from Actuator. Yes, it’s a collaboration activity and it’s team building too. But you also manage resources, individual and team roles, work towards deadlines, think out of the box, get creative, collaborate (did we already say this?), do a lot of testing and process improvement, be outcome driven and much much more.
What's the shortest time for running this collaboration activity?
In the 90 minute version, we’re unlikely to see the full aspect of collaboration. Chances are that we run this as a project management activity. However, if you can ear mark between 100-150 minutes, then you’ll see a fully collaborative chain reaction in this amazing Rube Goldberg styled activity.
What kind of groups is this activity best suited for?
As we said earlier, Actuator is for everyone. If your team is in project management, all the better. If they are in sales, they’ll still see some amazing takeaways. If its a customer support team, they’ll be transformed. If its an engineering team, then please block 6 hours – they’ll never give up on making it better.
What do you need from us?
Tables at the venue. Also the confirmation, date, time, venue and number of pax. Apart from this, we’ll manage everything else.
collaboration activity rube goldberg team building India
collaboration activity rube goldberg team building India
collaboration activity rube goldberg team building India

Why actuator?

Extremely engaging, Actuator helps your teams to brainstorm, problem solve, and assess available resources in order to come up with the perfect creative output within the set timeframe. Creative team building at its best and a collaboration activity too.


You want every team to think outside the proverbial box. Everybody does. Actuator is possibly the best creative team building activity and experiential medium to make this happen. You will be amazed at how your teams will redicsover their creative edge.

Resource Utilization

Actuator enables your teams to assess all available resources and strategically plan for maximum utilization. As a team building activity, it simply rocks

Problem Solving

Visualizing what your end objective is, is half the problem. Actuator as a team building activity, helps to do just that. Your teams are presented with a problem and their collective inputs will help achieve the goal.

Goal Oriented

Every team wants to be goal oriented. This activity clearly defines the goals and enables your team to work towards it through various constraints that are a simulation of real world situations – quality, consistency, time, economic conditions and more.

Number of collaborative tables

Number of teams we can engage

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5/5 rating

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