The Big Picture



The Original Painting Activity

The Original Big Picture. Not just a painting activity, this is THE painting activity. To really see the big picture and understand what the hullabaloo is about, you need to experience this team building workshop. Just like at the workplace, you will notice how your focus is only on what you and your immediate team is working on. But then you realise you have a larger role to play. That’s when you collaborate and if you collectively succeed to get everyone onto the same page, you will truly see the Big Picture and be proud of it, too.

Not Just Painting

Oh yes, it is a painting activity. But it’s not just painting. This is a fun experience with a lot of learning thrown in. The fact that every painting is bespoke and custom created just for you and your team, makes this all the more valuable. We work with you to create the right artwork with all the messages and graphics that portray you, your team, your organization and the journey.

Engages 30-1000 People

Competitive and Collaborative

Indoor with Table Seating

120 Minutes + Debrief

Painting activity - The Big Picture

What are the next steps after confirmation?
Simple. You confirm the activity. We send you a briefing document, capture all the details. Then our creative team works on the artwork and once you approve, we go into the prep work. It does seem like a lot of steps when you take any of our other team building activities into account, but The Big Picture is not just any painting activity or even any other team building activity. It’s one of the best there is. And its bespoke!
What else do you need from us?
 Pretty much what is listed above. Possibly a logo. Other than that, we get everything.
Can we keep the Big Picture after completion?

Certainly. We’ll even provide the butter paper to wrap the canvases. However, the installation at your office and an additional frame might be tricky. Let us know before the event and we’ll work out all the details. Most of our customers prefer to have this installed in their office post the event. See the image below for a 7feet by 30 feet installation – Incidentally, this bagged the Gold award for the best corporate team building activity in Asia.

painting activity away winning team building dfrens India big picture

Will everyone be engaged?

Totally. Just like every one of our team building and employee engagement activities, The Big Picture continuously and constantly engages. There is no dull moment. Just ask any of our 200+ customers who’ve experienced The Big Picture in any part of the world. And it doesn’t matter whether they like to paint or not, either. This is not any old painting activity. Its the ability to truly see the Big Picture !

Would a painting activity be too simplistic for a Leadership Group?

Are you kidding? The leaders are the ones who seem to enjoy the Big Picture the most. As we keep saying, this is not just a painting activity. Its planning, collaboration, working together, bringing everyone onto the same page, working together and so on. These are specifically the traits that every leader is proud of possessing and this is a chance for them to show what they can do. And yeah, some creative talent too.

Big picture team building painting activity india
Big picture team building painting activity india
Big picture team building painting activity india

Why have a painting activity?

The Big Picture is the ultimate activity to showcase teamwork, collaboration, sharing best practices and breaking down silos to achieve your goals – all this through what seems like a painting activity but in essence is the perfect team building session.

Extremely Popular

The Big Picture continues to be the #1 choice for conferences, team outbounds, employee meets and annual days. Showcasing brand awareness and capturing the essence of true organizational spirit as teams paint a life-size canvas


Teams network and collaborate to sketch and paint a custom designed giant multi canvas artwork that conveys the essence of the conference. The activity culminates when all canvases are arranged together to create a massive collaborative painting that illustrates the organizational perspective. All this is achieved largely through collaboration


The Big Picture showcases your custom content and that’s what makes it a truly bespoke activity specific to your group, values and brand. This is one of the key factors that make this one of our all time popular activities – because it is specific to your team and your organization.


Teamwork and teambuilding through painting promotes a high level of individual ownership as teams diligently and creatively work their canvases.  A sense of pride and achievement persists from the very first phase to the final, culminating in their masterpiece- the Big Picture

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