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Drumming & percussion activities

Some of the best conference energisers and group engagement activities. If you’re really looking to pep up the crowd and infuse energy into the group without having to do too much thinking or building, then pick a drumming activity such as the drum circle or beatswork for your next conference, meet or outing. We pride ourselves on being the first to introduce India to the drum circle and the journey has continued. These are still the most popular activities for conferences.

Music in team building

If you’re looking to take the engagement up a notch from the drumming activities, then you should look at the music activities we have for team building. The Harmonica Symphony is soon catching up to the ranks of the drum circle in popularity. More so because every participant gets to keep the harmonica. Acapella, without any instruments is ideal for large groups. Crescendo is perfect for your leadership teams and to motivate even the most cynical critic. And Symphony of Peers remains the crowning glory – for an exclusive group.

Music & Drumming Activities

The most number of music and drumming activities you can choose from in India


If you’ve never done a drum circle, then you should. This is one of life’s beautiful experiences packaged for the corporate world. Unlike other entertainment oriented imitations, our drum circle is focused on your audience. At the end of the session, your group will sense the achievement and motivation of having done something special and not just witnessed something special. This makes all the difference.


Crescendo is an exclusive experience and its for leadership teams. To play the violin is a difficult task in and of itself. But to be able to learn and play as a symphony of your colleagues, that’s special. The fact that this team building activity can be completed in just 75 minutes is all the more special. It’s not intrusive on your agenda. But the impression it makes is phenomenal and life altering.

A higher version of the drum circle and one where your group will enjoy the usage of five different percussion instruments. In Beatswork, your group will appreciate how to work together to create the perfect samba style latin percussion. In doing this, they will also dance and have a lot of fun. Beatswork carries a lot more messaging than a drum circle and its unique in its approach and outcome. A winner.

Possibly the best large group engagement activity. The harmonica symphony is soon becoming our most popular activity with over 24,000 people having participated in this in just the past 18 months. The fact that you get to keep the branded harmonica adds to the beauty of this activity where you learn to play, jam with the facilitator and amaze yourself as your full group stays in sync.


A quick short conference energizer. Boom time straddles both percussion and music activities. The perfectly tuned coloured tubes are struck as percussion instruments but can be used to create music through a series of well facilitated moves. We take your group through some fun exercises, create some tunes and then we get everyone to jam along for a full on song. Colourful, fun and energetic.

No instruments, no props. Just your voices. Acapella is a form of music where all parts of the song are rendered by voices. Our expert facilitators will take you through this amazing journey in style. From simple vocal exercises to carving your audience based on the notes they can hit and soon your group will be in one voice together. An element of beatboxing and fun energizers add to this group activity.

Symphony of peers is an exclusive activity where we use 3-5 different musical instruments and transform your group into an orchestra. Breakaway rooms, AV equipment, expert facilitation and two full hours of practice and learning. At the end of this, your group will perform as one. No longer competitive, fully collaborative. Highly motivating and hugely satisfying. Symphony of peers is a reward for your best teams.

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