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Indoor team building games

Some of the most powerful team building activities are usually conducted indoor. Not just because of the weather. No. We’ve created business simulations and team building activities that can be conducted within a conference room or a hall. The advantage of conducting indoor team building games is that you have a own controlled environment that can be tweaked for theme, ambience as well as learning.

The Options

The options we’ve created or licensed for Indoor team building games are numerous. From pirate themed negotiation activities, cricket based change management/strategy games or coffee trading even. But the best and the most popular are based on creativity. The Big Picture, where teams come together to collectively sketch and paint without really knowing what the final artwork will be, but only trusting their teams to do their parts to the best. And Actuator, where teams will work together to build a rube goldberg styled machine.

The big picture best indoor team building activity India

The Big Picture

The Big Picture continues to be the #1 choice for all conferences, team outbounds, employee meets and annual days. Its already considered the best indoor team building activity and its definitely the most popular. It showcases brand awareness and captures the essence of true organizational spirit as teams create a larger than life custom canvas.

Best indoor team building game India


A great problem solving, creative and project management activity all rolled into on. In Actuator, your teams get clearly defined goals and expected outcome. However, the ability to utilise their available resources within set constraints and quality of output help to make this activity a great simulation of real life corporate environment. If you’re looking to exploit the creativity of your teams, then this is one of the best indoor team building games to choose from.

Escape room conference activity indoor team building India

Beat The Box

Escape your conference! Bring in the thrill of escape rooms into this massive multi team experience as you compete to crack clues that take you further and further into the boxes. Your task as a combined group is to find the code that stops the timer on screen. And guess what, you cannot do this as a single team. You need to find ways to collaborate and only then will you go through Cryptex, UV light, QR code, rebus and ciphers to unlock your code in this wonderfully designed indoor team building game.

Bridging the divide indoor team building India

Bridging the Divide

Bridging the divide is the perfect indoor team building activity for any customer facing or back end group. The activity pits you as both a customer, and as a vendor simultaneously. It helps you and your team to appreciate the importance of communication at the workplace and with your partners/customers in the quest to ensure you build the perfect section.

CSI indoor team building dfrens India

CSI - Mystery

Participants are no longer allowed to believe in coincidence and must investigate the matter from different vantage points – thus giving them the opportunity to reason from different points of view 

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