Group Singing Activity for conferences

Acapella is the perfect group singing activity. No props, no instruments. We “carve” your audience, teach them different parts and your entire group will then perform. Its not just lyrics, its all the parts of the music including the beats, music and rhythm too – all rendered through vocals.

Always Rocks !

Acapella has been conducted for some of the best known organizations in the country. Getting everyone to sing together is not easy, but then no one does it better than us. If you’re looking for a guaranteed output and you don’t have too much time during your conference, then try Acapella – our group singing activity. It always rocks !

Engages 100-4000

Group Singing, collaborative

Best done indoor for better acoustics


40 Minutes

The best group singing activity for any audience

How does this work?
Acapella is a form of music where only voices are used. For all parts of the song – guitar, background, beats, rhythm, everything. So when we conduct this group singing activity, we divide your group and teach them the specific parts – all from stage. Then we stitch it together and voila, you showcase talent.
Why should I do acapella?

If you’ve done the drum circle or harmonica symphony before, then chances are that you’re looking for a group engagement activity. Acapella, our group singing activity is a great choice.
It could also be that you do not have too much time, or you feel that it would be difficult to slot an activity into the agenda where props need to be brought in and distributed. Great. Same answer. Its the best time to do acapella.
Or maybe you have a really large group – say 2000 people. Yeah, we can do a drum circle, harmonica symphony too. But Acapella is just as suitable too.

I want to do this for more than 40 mins
Awesome. This activity can definitely be lengthened. It just gets better and better with more time spent, more practice. Go for it. Tell us how much more time you have and we’ll make it happen.
group singing activity acapella team building conference india
group singing activity acapella team building conference india
group singing activity acapella team building conference india

Why acapella?

Acapella is a session where you get to explore the most powerful instrument that we have – our voice, in a fun, engaging, and liberating session


Unlike other forms of audience engagement, Acapella does not require any props or material making it the most viable team building singing activity for groups of 50 right up to 5000. All you need is a voice and a willing spirit.


In Acapella, you feed off each other. You have to know your parts, your scale, your entry and exit and how you fit in to the overall group effort. That’s what makes this a great team building activity or conference energizer for any group.

Break Inhibitions

Although everyone sings, its very rare to see someone step forward to accept a singing challenge. Acapella helps your group to just drop these inhibitions and be a part of something magical


By the end of this team building session, your group will have a higher sense of accomplishment when they see how all the parts fit together to make a great song sound so wonderful.

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