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Team building racing activity

As far as team building activities go, there’s nothing more energetic, competitive or adrenaline pumping as our Formula Fun Racing. It’s a team building racing activity that involves building a car, creating a body around it, putting your team and company decals, testing, qualifying and then having a race with pit stops to change drivers. Loads of fun and a great outdoor activity for all.

For Everyone

Formula Fun is a team building racing activity for everyone. We’ve had senior management teams to new inductees all participating. Its also inclusive and diverse. Great outcome and a huge celebration for everyone and not just the winners of the race.

Engages 30-300


Outdoor, preferably with a parking lot or paved area


120 Minutes + Debrief

Team Building Racing Activity - Formula Fun

Is there any learning in this team building racing activity?

Oh yeah. Lots of learning. Project Management, playing to team strengths, creativity, competitive strategy, putting best foot forward. But ultimately, this is a lot of fun and we have to admit that more teams choose this activity for the fun element rather than the learning. We do recommend a quick debrief though.

What if we can't get a parking lot?

Most business hotels and resorts will allow you to use their parking lot for this activity. But if there’s no parking lot, any flat ground would work. As you would have seen in the video, our vehicles are pretty much all-terrain. But to get the most of this team building racing activity, its best to have a paved surface for the race.

I have a very diverse team, will this work?

Yup and Yup again. All our activities are designed so that diversity and inclusiveness are a part of the activity. Besides, the best way to bring out diversity is by exposing stereotypes. So put your group through this team building racing activity and see the stereotypes shatter while you highlight the importance of diversity.

What do you need from us?
Just a confirmation of date, time venue, number of pax and the business takeaways you want from this amazing team building racing activity. If you can secure the parking lot at the location, all the better. We bring everything else. Including the bubbly for celebrating the win.
team building racing activity formula 1 go karting
team building racing activity formula 1 go karting
team building racing activity formula 1 go karting

Why Formula 1 or Formula Fun Racing?

Formula 1 has long been associated with perfection – especially the pitstop. It’s used as the example of great team work. You’ll experience an entire session of great team work with this team building racing activity

Role Delegation

Formula Fun Racing can engage teams of 12-25 people and a group of 400 people, if required. Despite the large team sizes, there’s clarity of role for everyone and its only when they work together that they would be able to achieve success

Teamwork / Teambonding

Racing is not about one person but the full team that enables collective success. As a team building activity, formula fun racing provides your team with exactly this opportunity – to showcase how they can function as an efficient team.


In a world of collaborative endeavors, competitive spirit is a breath of fresh air. Formula Fun team building racing highlights the positive nature of competition between teams


Your team will really get creative when working on the Formula Fun Racing Car. Decals, designs, spoilers, functional aspects, branding elements and also on their own racing strategy.

Engagement in Numbers


Audience Engagement

Time taken in Minutes

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